The image on this page shows a coat of arms that is believed to be the Kentie family's family coat of arms.

The photo is a partial representation of a chair. The back panel, in which the family coat of arms is chiseled, is possibly part of a former family bench in the church of Woudrichem.

It is not yet known when this family coat of arms was designed and in whose remit it was.

However, it is clear that the origin of the Kentie family lies in Scotland and might be related to the McKenzie clan.

This makes the existence of a family coat of arms unlikely, after all, in Scotland there is no coat of arms for a family, only persons with a noble title, or the head of a clan, are allowed to carry a coat of arms. For a clan there is a crest.

If anyone knows more about the origin of the displayed coat of arms, they are asked to share this knowledge with the webmaster.