Catgers, Henders

Birth Name Catgers, Henders
Also Known As Katgers, Henders
Also Known As Hendriksen, Henders
Gender female
Age at Death less than about 100 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death before 1840      
Birth about 1740      


Family of Rogebrink op Stapelbroeksmate, Albert and Catgers, Henders

Married Husband Rogebrink op Stapelbroeksmate, Albert ( * 1739-02-22 + 1823-01-04 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1763-08-07 Hengelo, Gemeente Bronckhorst, Gelderland, Netherlands   1a
Name Birth Date Death Date
Reugebrink, Hendrik Jan1831-12-11
Reugebrink, Hendrik1840-11-13
Reugebrink, Derk Willem1843-08-02
Ruigebrink, Harmen1774-07-181844-06-10

Family Map

Source References

  1. Hengelo (Gelderland): Hengelo (Gelderland) NDG Trouwboek (Church Rec. Marriage)
      • Date: 1763-08-07
      • Page: 17630408-17630625
      • Hengelo (Gelderland) NDG Trouwboek 17630408-17630625