Kenti, Bastiaan

Birth Name Kenti, Bastiaan
Also Known As Kentie, Bastiaan
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 6 months, 1 day


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kentie, Marinus1771-09-081806-11-22
Mother Hakkers, Melia1773-10-101816-04-26
    Brother     Kentie, Adriaan 1792-12-29 1852-08-03
         Kenti, Bastiaan 1794-06-07 1871-12-08
    Brother     Kenti, Willem 1797-03-01 1878-08-17
    Sister     Kenti, Aaltje 1799-01-25 1810-06-06
    Sister     Kenti, Zanderina 1800-09-25 before 1900
    Brother     Kenti, Arie 1803-06-26 1812-04-24
    Brother     Kentie, Alexander 1806-02-22 1878-01-15
    Sister     Kentie, Maria 1807-04-30 1853-03-19


Family of Kenti, Bastiaan and van Bruggen, Catharina

Married Wife van Bruggen, Catharina ( * 1795-06-19 + 1847-08-18 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1822-12-06 Woudrichem, Gemeente Altena, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands   3a
Name Birth Date Death Date
Kentie, Johanna1823-02-211823-06-17
Kentie, Maria1824-04-261841-01-22
Kentie, Barendina Elizabeth1826-07-071827-08-13
Kentie, Marinus1828-09-201828-09-24
Kentie, Elizabeth1829-08-211831-12-15
Kentie, Albarta Pieternella1831-12-271870-08-17
Kentie, Marinus Antonie1833-11-211900-10-17
Kentie, Johannes1837-03-061893-08-25
Kentie, Alexander1838-05-241839-05-16
Kentie, Maria1844-12-041885-04-09

Family of Kenti, Bastiaan and Treffers, Martijntje

Married Wife Treffers, Martijntje ( * 1822-11-18 + 1913-03-04 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1848-03-31 Wijk en Aalburg, Gemeente Altena, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands   4a
Name Birth Date Death Date
Kentie, Bastiana1851-05-191851-09-17
Kentie, Bastiana1852-06-241895-05-30
Kentie, Kornelia1853-09-291854-07-01
Kentie, Kornelia1854-11-281938-11-04
Kentie, Katarina1856-07-071930-07-01
Kentie, Willem1857-12-241938-06-03
Kentie, Adrianus1859-01-161928-02-02
Kentie, Melia1861-01-061939-03-29
Kentie, Antonia1863-03-231946-09-27
Kentie, Bastiaan1866-02-251866-05-12


Type Value Notes Sources
Occupation Marechaussee / Military police

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